Songs of Life » Songs of Life: A Collaborative Photography Project


Carolyn Anders

Carolyn is a natural light photographer, born and raised in Arizona. She is married to her high school crush, and together they have two sweet little girls. She loves all types of arts and crafting, but photography is her favorite hobby. She also loves drinking martinis, reading, window shopping, and obsessing over light!

Heather Avrech

Heather is a wedding and portrait photographer in San Jose, CA and the Bay Area. She is the wife to an amazing and funny man and mom to two beautiful little girls. She believes that photography is about capturing true emotions and memories. She also loves cupcakes, working out, the beach, sports, and rain puddle jumping with her daughters.

Kimberly Fyffe

Kim is an artist, a mom, a photographer, a wife, a storyteller, a body love advocate and so much more. She lives in Tucson, Arizona. Kim has a passion for documenting life as it is, the good, bad, and never ugly. She is excited to participate in this project and let her love for music and photos collide.

Becca Lundin

Becca is a country girl at heart making the most of her suburban life! She is a coffee-drinking, rain-loving, world traveler wannabe, who spends her days chasing two kids and trying to document the beauty of the world around her!

Jodi May

Jodi is a lover of dogs (especially big ones), children, traveling, architecture, the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin (her home away from home), and the University of Virginia. She has been a professional photographer since 2012 with two sides to her business, wedding photography and real estate photography.

Casey McCauley

Casey is a music maker, coffee addict, and enthusiastic online shopper. She is Mama to two boys and two furry girls, and wife to a comic book artist/writer. She spends most of her days focused on documenting the everyday happenings of her family life. When she is not busy documenting, she is probably watching some crime documentary, listening to an audiobook, or changing a poopy diaper.

Erin McCombie

Erin McCombie is a Pennsylvania newborn and family photographer. She's happy to shoot traditional sessions for clients but has a special place in her heart for lifestyle work, especially newborns, and the opportunity to record real moments beautifully for families, including her own, of course - she's Mama to three.

Jocelyn Miller

Jocelyn is a loud-laughing, wine-drinking, cappuccino-loving foodie. Based in Phoenix, AZ, she loves to capture the love and connection of others, as well as the beauty of the daily grind. She is surrounded by her witty husband, toddler son, and playful dog-children.

Alauna Peterson

Alauna is a contemporary newborn and young family photographer based in Chicago's North Shore. She is a mother of two boys and a little girl and her goal is to photograph their childhood in a meaningful, beautiful way.

Maria Russell

Maria is a natural light photographer who is passionate about light, photographing her two children, and the world around her. She enjoys sappy love stories, outdoor cafes, finger foods, and the beach. Maria is an avid learner and is constantly seeking new ways to express herself.

Lucy Sandeen

Lucy is the mother to a beautiful, strong, brave 7 year-old-daughter who happens to also be fighting cancer for the second time. When she isn't being a momcologist in this strange space in her life, she is a child, family, and wedding photographer in Des Moines, Iowa. Her happy places are found in the pool with her daughter, playing board games with her husband (wine in hand), and of course, behind the camera.

Sharon Spall

Sharon Spall is a family and child photographer in Tucson, AZ. As a former high school English teacher, Sharon has a passion for storytelling in her photography. She met her husband when she was 13, and they have been married for 10 years. Sharon is also a dance mom to a spunky, adorable daughter, who is her greatest inspiration for her photography. She loves the Sun Devils, Earl Grey tea, the ocean, sunflowers, and watching her daughter dance. Her happy place is Disneyland.

Jenny Swanson

Jenny is an available light photographer living outside of Portland, Oregon. A librarian and a momma to two, she has a passion for telling the story of her family's life through photography. She enjoys arts and crafts, the outdoors, and has a special affinity for post-apocalyptic fiction and all things zombie. 

Angelina Vanness

Angelina spends her days organizing living room dance parties, baking chocolate chip cookies, and attempting unsuccessfully to keep the clutter and craziness of life with three littles, a hardworking husband, a dog and a cat under control. Mostly she'd rather curl up with a good book. Every so often she remembers to slow down, to soak up and photograph the exquisite beauty of this sacred ordinary life.